10th - Social Networks and Online Predators

Online Predators Worksheet

While watching the video fill in the blanks!
A) Video: Don’t Believe the Type
B) Video: Be Smart – Know How to React
C) Video: Your Photo Fate
D) Video: Justin’s Story
E) Presentation: Acceptable Use Policy
1) Technology is a privilege, not a .

2) List one acceptable use of technology:

3) List one UNACCEPTABLE use of technology at school:

4) List one possible consequence for misuse of school technology:

F) Written – fill in the bubble survey on page 2
G) Presentation: What is a Social Network?
H) Presentation: PEW Internet Survey
I) Video: Tracking Teresa

Did this video surprise you? Circle: Yes No

J) Presentation: What do you THINK you know about Online Predators?
List 2 Ways to Deal with UNWANTED online attention:

1) _.

2) _.

K) Video: Amy’s Choice
L) Video: Survivor Diaries
M) Presentation: Revealing Too Much
N) Presentation: Setting Your Privacy on Social Networks
O) Activity: Describe the “Typical” Online Predator Who Preys on Teens:

Resources for teens: