9th - Social Networks and Cyberbullying

A) Video: Bulletin Board (Think Before You Post)

B) Presentation: Acceptable Use Policy
1) Technology is a privilege, not a .

2) List one acceptable use of technology:

3) List one UNACCEPTABLE use of technology at school:

4) List one possible consequence for misuse of school technology:

C) Written – fill in the bubble survey
D) Presentation: PEW Internet Survey
E) Video: NSTeenz - Terrible Text
F) Presentation: What is Cyberbullying?
Deliberate, Repeated, and Hostile Behavior with the intent to harm others.
G) Video: NSTeenz – Teens Talk Back
H) Presentation: Ignore, Save or Tell? (original source: Netsmartz)
1) What are three things you can do if you are Cyberbullied? ,

_ or __.
I) Video: NSTeenz – You Can’t Take it Back
J) Presentation: Controlling Your Privacy Settings
K) Video: Password Sharing (Broken Friendship from Netsmartz)
L) Presentation: Revealing Too Much (original source: Netsmartz)
M) Video: Common Sense Media - Ricardo’s Story
N) Presentation: Dealing with Cruelty (original source: MTV’s A Thin Line)
O) Video: Your Photo Fate (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children)
P) Activity: Are You a Cyberbully?