FJUHSD Cyber Safety Lesson Plan, Day 2

The following lesson plan was developed by the teacher-librarians of Fullerton Joint Union High School District to be used in a 2 day Cyber Safety Unit and taught to freshman classes. The documents can be previewed on this page and downloaded in an editable format if desired. Please feel free to adapt the lessons to meet the needs of your own students.

Day 2: Cyber Safety
9 -12
CSLA Standards
8.3.1 Shows positive social behavior while using information and communication technologies.
8.3.2 Demonstrates legal and ethical behavior while using information and communication technologies.
8.3.3 Understands the consequences of inappropriate and illegal use of information and communication technologies.

Students will be able to define cyber bullying, cyber predator, and phishing
Students will take information gained during the unit to create either a public safety announcement (PSA) or a poster to be used during the school’s upcoming cyber safety week.

Materials Needed
Cyber-Safety video (Wired Safety – You Never Know)
Cyber Safety PowerPoint
Kacie ReneWoody video
Terrible Text video
Link to cyber safety quiz

Instructional Plan

Anticipatory Set:

(1 min)

Show Cyber predator video (Wired Safety – You Never Know )
“Yesterday we talked about keeping yourself safe online by correctly using privacy settings and we saw some examples of friends harassing friends in the “That’s Not Cool” video. We also talked about the need to be careful about what you post online.
Today we’re going to look at other dangers online – cyber bullying, cyber predators, and phishers.”
“There will be a short quiz online, similar to the one you took yesterday on Cyber safety. After that you should have time to complete your PSA or poster project.”
Activity 1:
(8 min)
“Cyber bullying, Cyber predators, and Phishing are all possible topics for your cyber safety project. Please take out your RU Cyber Safe handouts from yesterday. We’re going to review some definitions and statistics related to cyber safety that you might use in your project later today and then look at some videos on these topics. If you note anything you think you might use in the project later today, take notes on the back of the handout to remind yourself later.”
Show Cyber Safety PowerPoint and discuss terms and statistics related to cyber safety.

(2:30 min)
“Next is a true and tragic story of a teen victim of a cyber predator.”
Show Kacie Rene Woody video
(4:00 min)
“Next we’ll switch gears a little to look at an example of cyber bullying and see what teens have to say on the subject.”
Show NetSmartz “Terrible Text” video about cyber bullying.

(5 min)
“Next you’re going to take another online quiz, this one on cyber safety. If you’ve been paying attention to the videos and discussions, I’m sure you’ll do well.”
Demonstrate how to get to online quiz.
“As soon as you’ve finished the quiz, you may begin working on your projects that we discussed yesterday. As I said, the best of them will be used during the school’s Cyber Safety week. The first member of each group to complete the quiz should come to me to get a copy of the assignment with examples and a rubric.”
Students take quiz (from Quia) on social networking and privacy settings.


Students break into groups and begin working on PSAs and callouts.

Cyber safety project and quiz