Weeklong activities:
  • All campuses excluding SHHS have purchased Cybersafety wristbands to be distributed either to freshmen only, freshmen and teachers or Impact mentors, or all students and staff. (THS to be distributed before March)
  • If public service announcements (PSAs) were created by freshmen during their Cybersafety unit in the library, the best will be chosen to be read during the morning announcements on a day for which the theme matches the subject of the PSA. Additionally, the appropriate bullet points from the CTAP classroom poster will be read during the announcements
  • Bookmarks can be distributed - either those ordered through the Federal Trade Commission or the American Library Association, or those created by the teacher-librarians featuring relevant links or books in the library on the topic
  • The best samples of freshman student work from the fall Cybersafety unit will be displayed appropriately, either to fit the day’s theme or to be posted all week
  • Brochures on the library’s Cybersafety unit such as that created by Diane can be distributed to faculty and administration
  • “RU Cyber Safe” classroom poster can be posted as a starting-point for discussion. Can also email staff and faculty to offer copies of the poster to them.
  • Online information for parents and students can be posted either on the library website or a wiki and could include relevant links; quizzes, surveys and results of both; videos; and examples of student work such as Wordles, Animations, PSA’s, posters, callouts, etc.

Cybersafety Video at:
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Mrs. Jacobson and Mrs. Melly's Cybersafety Lessons Wiki

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